CR-8S cardioid

CR-8S는 Point Source Audio의 플래그쉽 지향성 모델로 특유의 유연하고 내구성 높은 최고급 이어셋 모델의 특징을 그대로 유지하면서도 타이트한 지향성 패턴으로 좀 더 높은 음량이 필요한 환경에 적합합니다.

Cardioid Earset Placement

The CR-8S is a great choice when you need a cardioid earworn microphone to pick up sounds predominately from one direction. No need to force the earset microphone in front of the mouth either – it is designed to rest at the corner of the mouth to maintain its low-profile appearance.

Cardioid Earset Boom Flexibility

This earworn microphone features our renowned “Unbreakable Boom” bendable to 360° without breakage. Because of its pickup pattern, this cardioid earworn microphone is well suited for high noise environments and live productions. The CR-8S earworn microphone can be worn either over the left or right ear, or as a dual earset microphone option giving users four (4) ways to wear it.

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