CO-8WS omni

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Our Boom Bends 360°

The CO-8WS has an upgraded design that includes our renowned “Unbreakable Boom” bendable to 360°, a performance boost to 136dB max SPL, IP57 waterproof protection against water, sweat and makeup; and replaceable X-Connectors for wireless compatibility on the spot. This earworn microphone can be worn either over the left or right ear, or as a dual earset microphone option giving users four (4) ways to wear it.

The CO-8WS omnidirectional earset microphone is extremely easy to place to achieve optimal performance, especially in high gain situations. There are no tonal complications and the pickup remains constant regardless of head movement. The CO-8WS earworn or earset style microphone can be adjusted to fit any speaker or performer. The CO-8WS is our best earset microphone for all your professional mic'ing needs.

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