CO-8WL (for live sound)/CO-8WLh (for broadcast)

불과 4mm의 캡슐 지름, 그리고 독보적인 방수 기능.

IP57등급의 방수방진 기능으로 어떤 환경에서도 걱정없이 사용할 수 있습니다.

높은 음압에도 찌그러짐 없는 라이브 사운드용의 CO-8WL,
그리고 좀 더 고감도로 조정한 방송용의 CO-8WLh가 있습니다.

Miniature Lavalier at Only 4mm

The sign of a good miniature lavalier microphone is no sign at all! Small and discreet, their low-profile nature is what broadcasters and performers love the most. Gently tucked behind a button or hidden in a hairline, miniature lavalier microphones are the most unobtrusive technology on stage or on camera.

IP 57 Waterproof Rated

Behind a button, or hiding in the hairline, this lavalier microphone is ideal for applications requiring complete camouflaging. Of particular note is that the CO-8WL lavalier mic is IP 57 waterproof rated against water, sweat and makeup—conditions that are commonly harmful to microphones. This little lavalier delivers big results currently on Broadway productions including Hello Dolly!, Present Laughter, and Bandstand.

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