• cable for insertion between the capsule and the amplifier of the Colette system
  • contains active electronics for impedance conversion of the capsule
  • 3 mm thin, robust, tear-resistant cable
  • a special sheath makes the cable torsion-proof, meaning that the hanging cable does not lose its orientation even when the ambient temperature rises.
  • Signal transmission to the microphone amplifier is conducted asymmetrically, so the length should be less than 20m 



  • No. 133005 KC 5, 5 m
  • No. 133004 KC 10, 10 m


Active Colette Cables may be inserted between any capsule of the Colette modular system and the microphone amplifier.

The cable itself is highly resistant to stretching, bending and abrasion. Moreover, it does not tend to twist after being suspended, even with temperature changes. This is of importance, e.g. when the microphone is hung from the ceiling.

We recommend that the length not be excessive for the anticipated use, to avoid radio-frequency interference from sources such as SCR-equipped lighting boards. From experience, cable length of 5 m is satisfactory. Lengths greater than this may be required when hanging a microphone from a ceiling, but we do not recommend runs in excess of 20 m since the circuit up to the microphone amplifier is unbalanced.



The capsule-side housing of the KC ends on a shaft with 8 mm diameter. This makes the KC, just as the CCM, compatible to clips and suspensions for 8 mm, e.g. SGC, SGCM, HC, STC, etc.