EclerNet Dante™ Paging Station

PAGENETDN is a programmable Paging Station with dual audio output: Dante™ (digital) and analogue (balanced). This way, its control features and its microphone signal can be used for paging together with any EclerNet digital matrix. At the same time it shares the same control features as the WPNETTOUCH, and can be programmed to control one or more networked EclerNet devices; it can even control a full installation, a project combining a multitude of different EclerNet devices: MIMO4040DN, MIMO88, MIMO88SG, MIMO1212SG digital matrices, NXA series digital audio managers, DUO-NET PLAYER units, etc. It is fully programmable through the EclerNet Manager application.
It comes with a desktop console design, including a gooseneck microphone and a 10” capacitive touch screen panel that can show and manage the User Control Panels for paging and for the control of networked EclerNet devices, VEO video devices and third-party devices.

Microphone typeRemovable gooseneck condenser microphone (eMCN1)
Microphone frequency response50Hz – 18KHz (-10dB)
Polar patternUnidirectional
Nominal power supply12W from 12V External Power Supply Voltage, 15W from PoE
Output level-5dBV @ 94dB SPL with ADJ MAX.
Phantom Power48VDC, ON/OFF by internal JUMPER
Accessories includedMultiplug + Ecler eMCN1 microphone
Screen / Touch panel10,1” IPS Capacitive multi-touch
OutputsBalanced, analog
InputsRCA Line level, L + R
Input level/impedance>10kΩ
Ethernet portSupports PoE
Channels2x DANTE™, 2x RCA
Supply voltage12VDC
Dimensions (microphone excluded)295x155x135 mm / 11.6”x6.1”x5.3”
Weight1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs

Key Features

• EclerNet control device, with the ability to execute EclerNet projects on its internal engine, acting as a server and / or client of UCP panels
• 10 “capacitive touch screen
• Ethernet network connection
• POE or external power supply (multi-plug universal PSU included)
• VESA75 and desktop mounting systems included
• Digital touchscreen embedded control panel, including the same features as the WPNETTOUCH device:
o 10.1” IPS display (1280 x 800 pixels)
o Capacitive & multitouch touch panel
• PoE DC supply compatible
• External power supply compatible: external & universal PSU included + multi-plug AC set
• Ethernet Base-Tx 10/100Mb interface
• Flexo type gooseneck microphone included, XLR connector with safety flap (to avoid microphone unwanted removal)
• Audio transport using Dante™, 2 channels:
o Dante™ channel #1 used for microphone signal transmission
o Dante™ channel #2 used for AUX input signal transmission
• Phantom Power available for the MIC input
• MIC out, analogue balanced signal, that makes the PAGENETDN unit compatible for paging in combination with devices that don’t support Dante™ in a native way, as the MIMO88, MIMO88SG and MIMO1212SG
• AUX input, stereo LINE, RCA connectors. The incoming signal is converted to mono and sent to the network using Dante™ channel #2. It can be used to connect an external audio source (like a media player) and inject its signal to the network in Dante™ format
• Paging features based on programmable UCP control panels
• EclerNet control device, with the ability to execute EclerNet projects on its internal engine, acting as a server and / or client of UCP panels

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• Sports and wellness