Long-throw Loudspeaker Cabinet

ECLER CKLSM115T is mid-low frequencies loudspeaker cabinet, featuring a high performance horn loaded 15” speaker. Manufactured in 18mm multi-layered Finnish birch plywood. Targeted to long-through vocal reproduction as well as music reinforcement applications in adverse acoustic environments.

Efficiency SPL 1W 1m105 dB
Frequency response (-3 dB)70Hz – 280Hz
Power output (RMS)600 W
Dimensions(WxHxD) 550x550x650mm / 21.65"x21,65"x25.59"
Weight37.2 kg

Key Features
• Mid-low frequencies loudspeaker cabinet
• 600 WRMS @ 8 Ω
• High performance horn loaded 15” speaker
• Internally reinforced. Trapezoidal shape
• Careful component selection
• Superior efficiency values: up to 112dB 1W/1m
• Scratch and shock proof polyurethane paint finish
• Side handles for easy set up
• 1.5mm protective front grid and acoustically transparent
foam against dust and splashes
• Six ISO 7166 air cargo tracks for precise rigging
• Speakon® connectors

• Speech reinforcement in permanent installation like stadiums, sport pavilions, theatres, congress halls, houses of worship
• Music playback in permanent applications and events