AV Integration Micro-amplifier

ECLER CA120 is a 2 x 60 WRMS @ 4Ω stereo amplifier with a tiny size but amazing remote control features: serial RS-232 port, IR receiver and 0-10 VDC remote port. Auto-standby function. It's an ideal solution in those audiovisual applications which require integration with external control devices: education classrooms, meeting rooms, multimedia presentations, retail shops, etc.

4Ω Stereo68 WRMS
8Ω BridgedNot available
8Ω Stereo34 WRMS
Remote controlIR remote included + 1 REMOTE ports (selection & volume ctrl.) + RS232 (EclerCOMM and CA-NET Protocol compatible)
Dimensions160 x 210 x 48 mm
Weight0.95 kg


Key features

• 2 x 60 W RMS @ 4Ω amplifier
• Universal external power supply
• AUTO STANDBY function: in the absence of an audio signal the unit automatically goes into
STANDBY mode, minimising power consumption
• Lightweight, silent, high-performance amplifier (fan-free convection cooling)
• Suitable for stereo and parallel (mono)
• 1 switchable balanced mic / unbalanced line input, with high quality microphone preamplifier,
phantom power supply, noise gate and “talkover” function or priority over the rest of input
• 3 stereo lines (not balanced)
• 2-band independent tone control (Bass, Treble) for the microphone / line 3 and line 1&2 input
• Auxiliary output for liaison with other amplifiers or external audio devices
• Local control by digital rotary knob (“encoder”)
• Remote control by infrared remote control
• Remote control by WPmVOL or WPmVOL-SR (0-10 VDC) wall panel
• RS-232 control port, compatible with EclerCOMM software (free) and control protocol CANET
• MUTE port to silence the entire unit by closing external contact

• Meeting rooms
• Multimedia presentations (in combination with video projectors, screens, etc.)
• Retail shops
• Museums and exhibitions
• Integrated AV systems with central remote control system (Crestron©, Extron©, AMX©, etc.)