AV Integration Micro-amplifier

ECLER CA40 is a 2 x 20 WRMS @ 4Ω stereo amplifier with a tiny size but amazing remote control features: serial RS-232 port, IR receiver and 0-10 VDC remote port.

4Ω Stereo22 WRMS
8Ω Bridged36 WRMS
8Ω Stereo10 WRMS
Remote controlIR remote included + 1 REMOTE ports (selection & volume ctrl.) + RS232 (EclerCOMM and CA-NET Protocol compatible)
Dimensions155 x 155 x 45 mm
Weight0.65 kg

Key Features
• 2 x 20 WRMS @ 4Ω amplifier with STEREO, PARALLEL and BRIDGE output modes
• 1 balanced MIC input, with Phantom power and high-class preamp, including noise gate and talkover function over the rest of inputs
• 2 unbalanced LINE inputs
• 2-band tone control (Bass, Treble) independent, for the MIC and LINE busses
• AUX output for external link to other devices or amplifiers
• Digital local control, encoder type
• Infrared remote control included
• Remote control compatible with WPmVOL and WPmVOL-SR wall panels (0-10 VDC)
• RS-232 control port compatible with EclerCOMM software and CA-NET protocol
• MUTE port for external muting of the unit when an evacuation system must be activated
• Presets / sources management via RS-232 or 0-10 VDC remote control port
• AUTO STANDBY function
• Light and silent (fanless) design

• Classrooms
• Meeting rooms
• Multimedia presentations (in combination with video projectors, screens, etc.)
• Retail shops
• Museums and exhibitions
• Integrated AV systems with central remote control system (Crestron©, Extron©, AMX©, etc.)