High and Low Impedance Multichannel Amplifier

eHSA4-60 is a 4x60W multichannel amplifier capable of working on both low impedance lines (8 / 4Ω) and high impedance lines (70/100V). It can link the input channels, so that the same input signal can be easily distributed to several or all output channels. Independent auto stand-by function per channel.
The Ecler Essentials eHSA line of amplifiers offers the renowned professional reliability of Ecler amplifiers at an affordable price. All models in the series use class D amplification – a very high-performance technology -, auto stand-by function and convection ventilation, only occupying 1 rack unit high.
Equipped with balanced inputs on Euroblock connectors. Outputs also feature Euroblock connectors. It has an electronic limitation system to avoid signal saturation and a thermal protection, as well as a protection system against overload.

Sensitivity0dBV (Input)
Power consumption52W / 68VA (1/8 Power, @ 4 Ω)
Output @ 4Ω60W
Mains100 – 240VAC, 50 – 60 Hz (±10%)
Frequency response (-3dB)70Hz - 20kHz @ 100V
Frequency response (-3dB)70Hz – 30kHz @ 4Ω
Input level/impedance>20kΩ
Power consumption Stand-by7,6W / 18VA
Dimensions WxHxD482,6 mm x 44mm x 280mm / 19” x 1.7” x 11”
Weight7,8 kg. / 17.2 lb.

Key Features

  • 4-channel amplifier
  • 60W per channel
  • Each channel has independent outputs for low impedance or for high impedance
  • Controls for input attenuation in the frontal panel easily accessible.
  • Class D amplification, high efficiency
  • Auto stand-by, independent by channel
  • Linking of adjacent inputs (Input link selector)
  • Signal presence (SP), clipping (CLIP), protection against overload (PROT) and thermal protection (TH) indicators.
  • Built-in, always active anticlip circuit
  • Balanced inputs on Euroblock connectors
  • Powered outputs on Euroblock connectors


  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Corporate