Flexi-power Amplifier

ECLER HZA4-120F is a four MERGING channel amplifier with direct 4 x 120 WRMS @ 100 V line (high impedance) outputs. It integrates ECLER’s proprietary SPM 100 Technology - Channel N, which allows for 100 V speaker lines connection without using 100 V line transformers at the amplified outputs, as this kind of amplifiers usually do. This fact has many advantages, being the main ones the audio quality improvement (specially in the low-end frequencies) and the convection cooling, 100% silent.

1 Channel114W @88Ω
2 Merged Channels195W @50Ω
3 Merged Channels290W @32Ω
4 Merged Channels356W @26Ω
Frequency response (-3dB)30Hz – 55kHz
Remote control4 x REMOTE ports for remote volume management (WPm series compatible)
Dimensions482.6 x 88 x 392 mm
Weight13.60 kg

Key Features
• 4 mono balanced inputs
• 4 x 120 W amplified outputs (100V line level)
• 4 volume remote control ports (0 - 10 VDC)
• Euroblock connectors
• SPM 100 amplification Technology - Channel N (no 100 V output transformers used):
- Improved frequency response (specially at the low-end)
- Convection cooling (100% silent and increased reliability)
- Great efficiency
- Low weight
• Auto stand-by function after 2 minutes without audio input signals, with instantaneous auto-recovery
• Thermal protection
• Overload protection
• Anti-clip system
• Volume control knobs on front panel with protection cap, against undesired manipulation
• Every 2, 3 or 4 adjacent channels can be merged, adding their ouput power and managing their signal routing and volume control as a single merged channel

• Multi-zone BGM and paging systems with 100V line speakers, combined with the DAM614, MIMO88 matrixes and SAM / eSAM series preamplifiers