Digital Loudspeaker Manager

ECLER ALMA26 is a digital loudspeaker manager including 2 audio inputs and 6 audio outputs, USB interface and 2 volume remote control ports (0-10VDC).

Inputs2 x Audio inputs (XLR3)
Outputs6 x Audio outputs (XLR3)
Remote control2 x GPI ports for remote volume management (WPm series)
Dimensions482.6 x 44 x 120 mm
Weight1.75 kg

Key Features
• 2 audio inputs x 6 audio outputs, all balanced
• 24 bits / 48 kHz DSP processing
• 2x20 characters front panel LCD display
• 4 front panel configuration keys + digital encoder
• USB interface and EclerCOMM Manager compatibility
• DSP processing:
- GAIN, MUTE, POLARITY, etc., per input or output
- 4 parametric EQ filters per input / 8 parametric EQ filters per output
- Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley or Bessel Crossover filters at outputs (up to 48 dB / oct)
- Inputs and outputs delay
- Compressor / limiter at outputs, including make-up gain
- 3 LINK groups (output channels link)
• System templates to create user configurations
• 20 user Presets
• Labels’ edition (inputs, outputs, presets and device)
• Password protection system with 2 security modes

• Permanent installation management system
• Live sound. Monitor management
• Stereo bi or tri-amped general applications