MIMO Firmware

MIMO CONFERENCE has been especially designed for those applications that involve conferencing, microphone automatic mix processing and feedback loops (Larsen effect) cancellation. MIMO Conference shares the same hardware of the standard MIMO version, including a specific firmware upgrade with tailored DSP resources for automix and conference purposes.

Key Features

  • 8x8 configuration: up to 4 independent output mixes & 4 auxiliary outputs (MIMO88, MIMO88SG)
  • 12x12 configuration: up to 4 independent output mixes & 8 auxiliary outputs (MIMO1212SG)
  • 16x16 configuration: up to 8 independent output mixes & 8 auxiliary outputs (MIMO88)
  • AEC function: Up to 8 Acoustic Echo Cancelling channels  (MIMO4040DN)
  • UCP (User Control Panels) remote control system, compatible with WPNETTOUCH and third-party devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • TP-NET protocol compatible, for third-party control systems integration
  • AUTOMIXER processing module:
    • Two microphone managing modes:
      • NOMA (“Number of Open Microphones Attenuated”)
      • EXCLUSIVE Full set of working parameters: MAX. NOMA, LAST ON, PRIORITY, THRESHOLD DEPTH, etc.
  • FEEDBACK KILLER (2 modules)
    • 2 automatic notch filter banks
    • 8 notch filters included in each bank
    • Fixed / dynamic filters free configuration
    • Filter WIDTH, RECYCLE TIMER, LOCK, RESET and BYPASS parameters
    • 4 working mode presets


  • Conferencing & automatic mixing
  • Centralized, distributed or hybrid fixed installation
  • P.A. management
  • Installations requiring remote total control
  • Installations requiring remote supervision, diagnostic and adjustment via Internet