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OCT-3D Set for 9ch 3D Audio

  • 9ch set for 3D recording using the "OCT-3D" recording technique with microphones and stereo bars
  • OCT-3D is a recording technique for 7.1 or 9.1 Surround. It expands the well-known OCT technique to height channels.
  • Features of the OCT technique: natural spatial sound, balanced imaging characteristics, good stability


Order number


  •  No. 129005


The set contains: 

  • 6 * CCM 41 L, Supercardioid Microphones
  • 3 * CCM 4 L, Cardioid Microphones
  • 2 * MAB 1000, Stereo bars with additional riders for the height channels + CB-MAB + case 

optional: 4 * support rods STR 250.
These support rods serve to create a space between the lower and upper level microphones. This reduces their correlation in the diffuse field. Since the correlation in the diffuse field plays a smaller role in vertical pairs of speakers than in horizontal, the 4 Supercardioids for the vertical channels can also be mounted directly on the stereo bars.