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CCM MS Windshield Set Cyclone Set for MS stereo

Schoeps traditionally has great expertise in the field of stereophony and uses this for its products. Various stereo microphones and special accessories for M/S, X/Y, Blumlein, ORTF and A/B stereophonic recording allow the optimal arrangement to be selected for every application. 

The Colette series stereo sets are among our best-selling products.

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  • Plug & Play set for M/S with microphones 
  • includes CCM 4 (cardoid) and CCM 8 (Fig-8) compact microphones 
  • includes windshield and wiring


Order number


  •  No. 174409


The M / S Stereo Set Cyclone consists of the following components:

  •  No. 121015: CCM 4 L compact microphone (cardioid) 
  • No. 121105: CCM 8 L compact microphone (fig-8) 
  • No. RYC-089110: Stereo Cyclone MS Kit 1 for CCM M / S 
  • No. 152207: KS 5 U, 2ch multicore cable
  •  No. 152202: AK SU / 2U, breakout cable 

In place of the cardioid CCM 4 L, also the wide cardioids CCM 21 (No.121003) or CCM 22 (No.121007) or the supercardioid CCM 41 (No. 121017) are suitable.