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ORTF Stereo Outdoor Set with Windshield set

Schoeps traditionally has great expertise in the field of stereophony and uses this for its products. Various stereo microphones and special accessories for M/S, X/Y, Blumlein, ORTF and A/B stereophonic recording allow the optimal arrangement to be selected for every application. 

The Colette series stereo sets are among our best-selling products.

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  • for outdoor ORTF stereo recordings 
  • a single basket protects the whole setup against wind


Order number


  •  No. 174201


The SCHOEPS “ORTF Outdoor Set”consists of a stereophonic arrangement of two CCM 4 cardioid microphones. A mounting bracket STC 4 is elastically suspended so that the two microphone capsules maintain a distance of 17 cm and an angle of 110° to one another as prescribed for ORTF stereo recording. 

A matching basket-type windscreen with Windjammer is also included. 

This set has been developed in response to the wishes of numerous customers specifically for applications in film sound and the pickup of sports events. The two microphone diaphragms are located in the very center of one common basket cylinder, which is mandatory for an appropriate protection from wind noise.

The ORTF outdoor set consists of: 

  • 2 * No. 121015: CCM 4 L compact microphone (cardioid, matched 
  • No. 174406: WSR ORTF LU, basket windshield with fur 
  • No. 164008: STC 4, mounting bracket for ORTF 
  • No. 152207: KS 5 U, 2ch multicore cable 
  • No. 152202: AK SU/2U, breakout cable