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Mini CMIT MS Windshield Set

  • Full set for MS with shotgun microphone and Fig-8


Order number


  •  No. 174407


Set contains: 

  • No. 140103: MiniCMIT, shotgun microphone
  • No. 121105: CCM 8 L, compact microphone Fig-8 
  • No. 174408: WSR MS MiniCMIT, compact basket windshield for MS 
  • No. 152207: KS 5 U, 2ch cable 
  • No. 152202: AK SU/2U, breakout cable XLR5F >> 2 * XLR-3M


A microphone setup using the MS technique is rather easy to implement, since the two microphone housings are directed parallel to each other. For example, a double clip such as the SGMSC (HSGMSC), the AMS 22 or the stereo bar UMS 20 can be used. Even a boundary layer microphone can be expanded into an MS pair with the MS-BLM adapter. For mobile and outdoor use, an elastic suspension and windscreen are needed. There are numerous windscreens with suspensions available for MS, e.g. the basket windscreens Piano, Pianissimo and Zephyx by CINELA, or the Modular Series and the Stereo Cyclone by Rycote. These are presented in the video above.